Video link with Bangor University

12.05.2014. On Friday, May 09th, 2014. dr Staša Babić (Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy, Univ. of Belgrade) participated via video link as external examiner in PhD thesis defense. Alistair J.P. Sims successfully defended  his dissertation entitled „A Study of Fictional Narratives in Archaeology“ at the Department of History, Welsh History and Archaeology (Univ. of Bangor, Wales, UK). Video link was established within CCUB’s videoconferencing service


TNC2014: call for student contest participation

11.02.2014. Post-graduate students working in appropriate fields are invited to submit proposals for this year's student contest at the TERENA Networking Conference (TNC2014), which is sponsored by Cisco Systems and Internet Society. Submissions should be made in PDF format no later than 16 April 2014. Find out more here.

GÉANT Open Call awards EC funding of €3.3 million to 21 networking technology research projects

New expertise from across Europe to boost GÉANT Innovation Programme

5 February 2014: The GÉANT project has announced the 21 successful beneficiary projects of its first ever Open Call – a €3.3 million EC funded initiative to drive innovation in networking technologies, services and applications.

As part of the GÉANT Innovation Programme, the Open Call was launched to bring in fresh ideas and support new uses for the network. The winning projects will explore future networking technologies with access to use the GÉANT network, services and testbed facilities. They also have the opportunity to benefit from being part of a wider collaborative environment in the GÉANT project, and to share their expertise and results across the European scientific, research and education networking communities.

The Open Call attracted 70 proposals, with an excellent spread of project proposals from across Europe and beyond and was heavily oversubscribed. Selected projects included participants from Universities, Research Institutes, Large Companies, SMEs and National Research and Education Networks.

Said Jean-Luc Dorel, Project Officer, European Commission:

"The GÉANT Open Call implements the policy elaborated by the GÉANT Expert Group of a competitive eco-system for stimulating advancement of GÉANT services and beyond that of the next internet.  It is also a way to bridge the gap between the most advanced communication commons in the world and academic research pooling talents and resources from beyond traditional REN context".

GÉANT Open Call projects

Structured around four themes: Applications & Tools, Authentication, Network Architecture and Optical Projects, and SDN, the projects assigned to the Open Call are as follows:

•    ARES: Advanced Networking for the EU genomic research
•    CEOVDS: Cross-site Evaluation of an OpenFlow-assisted Video-on-Demand Distribution Service
•    eMusic: Using GÉANT dynamic circuits to support remote collaboration in musical education and eCulture
•    NSI-CONTEST: Network Service Interface Conformance Test Suite
•    CLASSe: Cloud-ABFAB Federation Services in eduroam
•    GEANT-Trustbroker: New Federation Services and Protocols for Dynamically Building Trust in the R&E Community
•    HEXAA: Higher Education External Attribute Authorities
•    MEAL: Multidomain eduroam across LTE
•    SENSE: Secure Enterprise Networks finally Simple and Easy – defining ESP supplicant for enterprise network usage
•    WoT4LoA: Web of Trust based Level of Assurance enhancement
•    COFFEE: Coherent Optical system Field-trial For spectral Efficiency Enhancement
•    ICOF: International Clock Comparisons via Optical Fiber
•    IRINA: Investigating Recursive InterNetwork Architecture as the next generation GEANT and NREN network architecture
•    MoMoT: Multi-Domain Optical Modelling Tool
•    REACTION: Research and Experimental Assessment of Control plane archiTectures for In-Operation flexgrid Network re-optimization
•    AUTOFLOW: Autonomic OpenFlow
•    CoCo: On Demand Community Connection Service for eScience Collaboration
•    DREAMER: Distributed REsilient sdn Architecture MEeting carrier grade Requirements
•    DyNPaC: Dynamic Path Computation Framework
•    MINERVA: Implementing network coding in transport networks to increase availability
•    MOTE: Multi-Domain OpenFlow Topology Exchange

Projects started in October and will run through until the end of March 2015.