RCUB team - Information technologies sector

The Information technologies sector covers the following work and project:

  • Information systems
  • Data bases
  • Internet services, web applications
  • Multimedia and visualization
  • Practical implementation of informatics solutions for education and research

Most significant projects in this field are:

  • University Information System
  • Development and adaptation of existing GRID work application, realization of SEEGRID, SEEGRID2 and SEE-GRID-SCI projects, as well as participation in the AEGIS initiative
  • Participation in the development of computer network monitoring tools (within the GÉANT2 and GÉANT3 projects)
  • Research on implementation of information technologies in the field of medicine, as well as suitable software solutions realization
  • Definition of recommendation for the software development and maintenance, as well as participation in quality check of the existing software within the GÉANT3 project
  • Raising awareness on the purposefulness of the e-Infrastructure development and efficient resource use in this field through the SEERA-EI project