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In order to reduce the existing "technology gap" between countries of South Eastern Europe and the rest of the continent, SEEREN2 project (South Eastern European Research & Education Networking) strived to create services available to all scientific and research communities. Central element of the infrastructure was the SEEREN backbone network connecting national scientific research and education networks (NREN's) of South Eastern European countries to GEANT network. Respecting the results of the previous project (SEEREN), the networking infrastructure has been significantly improved and, most importantly, became the new key tool for synchronization of network and Grid infrastructure with SEE eInfrastructure, and finally for full integration into pan-European networks (GÉANT2 , EGEE,SEE-GRID,etc.).The project brought together scientific research and academic networks of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Albania, as well as TERENA and DANTE organizations.
Academic Network of Serbia significantly improved Internet connection, from 34 Mbps to 155 Mbps.

Project Period: October 2006. - April 2008.

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