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SEE-GRID-2 (South Eastern European GRid-enabled eInfrastructure Development-2)  aimed to deliver an eInfrastructure to serve the research and educational needs of the scientific communities and end-users that will be sustainable both at national and regional level in its operation and expansion, having a multi-disciplinary nature in encouraging and supporting grid applications among diverse technology domains.
SEE-GRID-2 furtherly advanced and integrated the existing Grid Infrastructure and services that have been created by its predecessor (SEE-GRID), and further strengthened scientific collaboration among the participating countries, and will ultimately achieve sustainability for national and regional eInfrastructures.

In the long-term, SEE-GRID-2 aspires to contribute to the regional cooperation and stability, in order to demonstrate the importance of collaborative efforts in science and technology areas like eInfrastructures, and help add one more element in the continuing EU efforts to ease the SEE digital divide and aid the integration of the region with the rest of the continent.
RCUB was a participant in international FP6 SEE-GRID2 project (contract number FP6-RI-031 775), which was favourably evaluated by the European Commission. Based on results of its predecessor SEE-GRID project (through which Grid infrastructure was initially established), SEE-GRID2 made a step forward in enabling e-infrastructure services for research and educational needs. SEE-GRID2 supported further development of established infrastructure and sustainable development at national and regional levels, and supported the development of multidisciplinary Grid applications from different scientific domains. It also strengthened previously established regional and national networks as well.
Main areas of RCUB activities within SEE-GRID2 project were hosting and management of one of the Grid sites and services (LFC, AEGIS Certification Authority) within the SEE-GRID infrastructure; active participation in the Academic and Educational Grid Initiative of Serbia (AEGIS); participation in training and SEE-GRID2 AEGIS; the work on the “gridification”.

Project Period: 1 May 2006. - 30 April 2008.

More information about SEE-GRID2 project can be found here.