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SEE-GRID-SCI (SEE-GRID eInfrastructure for regional eScience) was two year project  co-financed by the European Commission, starting from May 2008.  

eInfrastructure in Europe has reached a mature state where the GEANT network forms a communications backbone on top of which a distributed computing infrastructure - the Grid - provides processing and storage services for eScience research. The South-East European eInfrastructure initiatives are committed to ensuring equal participation of the less-resourced countries of the region in European trends. SEEREN initiative has established a regional network and its GEANT connection and the SEE-GRID initiative the regional Grid.

As part of its work on the SEE-GRID-SCI project RCUB has coordinated work of 5 project participants from Serbia and led the JRA (Joint Research Activity) through which they developed various application services, as well as tools for monitoring and support the GRID infrastructure; the AEGIS Certification Authority management; administration services for the AEGIS02-GRID site. This site provides resources (CE, SE, CRM) for the Serbian AEGIS virtual organization (VO), as well as regional SEEGRID, SEEOPS, ENV, and SEISMO WEATHER IN, followed by the basic services for the AEGIS, and SEEGRID WEATHER IN (LFC, FTS, AMGA).
More information about the SEE-GRID-SCI project can be found here.