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SEERA-EI (The South-East European eInfrastructure initiatives) aims to link national-level programme managers and provide an open forum for information exchange, in order to enable coordination of national programmes in eInfrastructures, and to set the framework for a common regional agenda. The project gathers and exchanges information regarding current programmes and carries out a state-of-the-art analysis; produces set of best practices and guidelines for national eInfrastructure programmes; and identifies areas for joint regional activities, ranging from short-term soft actions, mid-term policy-level actions, to preparatory activities for long-term actions.

In this way SEERA-EI will reduce fragmentation of national programmes, create a harmonised approach to national-level initiatives in eInfrastructures, ensure local commitment, and pave the way towards common regional vision, strategy and sustainable cooperation which will give the region a common voice on European and international stage and strengthen the ERA as a whole, enabling collaborative high-quality research across a spectrum of scientific fields.
Representatives of both academic communities and governments from the 9 participating countries (Albania, BiH, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia and Turkey) were involved in the project implementation. Apart from RCUB, Serbia was represented by the Ministry for Science and Technology on the project.

Serbian representatives were in charge of the fourth working package of the project. Within the framework of the said package short- and long-term objectives were defined. These objectives were reached through concrete project activities:
• Analysis of national programs
• Development of common documents
• Regional Action Plan
• Including e-infrastructure in national and European scientific research plans
• Pattern of assessment and monitoring of regional programs, etc..

More details on SEERA-EI project can be found on the official site: