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Academic Network of Serbia (AMRES)

AMRES project is created with the aim to establish an organizational model of management, labour and systematic development of the Academic Network of Serbia (AMRES) as a national scientific research and education network. Project was designed in January 2007. by the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection, and contracted with the University of Belgrade (project coordinator) and universities in Novi Sad, Nis and Kragujevac (project partners).

The contract stipulates that the administrative and executive structure of AMRES project have to be transferred to the administrative and executive structure of the Academic Network of Serbia as the network and association of scientific research and educational institutions. Activities, results, documents and decisions arising from the project AMRES apply to the Academic Network of Serbia and are considered binding on members of the Academic Network of Serbia.

Implementers of the project were:
• RCUB - Computer Center, University of Belgrade
• CIT-UNS - Center for Information Technologies, University of Novi Sad
• JUNIS - University teaching and scientific information system of the University of Nis
• UNIC - University Computer Center, University of Kragujevac

Direct benefit of AMRES project for the broadest scientific, research and academic community was reflected in the implementation of concrete activities and outputs during the project implementation.

Indirect benefits of AMRES project are no less important and could be seen through the following aspects:
• Building a stable organizational structure that will lead the strategic development of ICT in scientific, research and academic community
• building a network of experts (human network),
• building the knowledge base,
• systematic introduction and application of modern information and communication services,
• motivating users and raising awareness of the possibilities of using information and communication services,
• integration into relevant international organizations, international cooperation on transfer of technologies, knowledge and experience.

AMRES project was successfully completed when the government of Serbia has issued a final decision that AMRES has to become a legal entity - an institution responsible for the management of the national scientific, research and academic computer network, organized into a model that corresponds with most European countries.