eduroam® - Educational roaming is a free service for Internet access.  It was made within the framework of the European TERENA initiative, through an international GÉANT project which involved European NRENs. Eduroam provides safe, fast and easy access to the Internet  without  additional accounts - using already existing user name and password created at the home institution. Detailed information on eduroam service can be found at
RCUB provides eduroam service for faculties and institutions - members of the University of Belgrade. During 2010. RCUB provided a number of devices for wireless access to the network. As a resource provider, RCUB provides access to this service at various points.
Technical details:
 - Encryption: WPA2/AE
-  SSID: eduroam
-  Transparent Proxy: Yes for HTTP traffic
-  NAT: NO, public addresses are assigned for users
RCUB provided eduroam service for 30 institutions so far.